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Owner User Perspective

Office condos, a growing trend in key markets nationwide, are proving their success in Chicago as savvy tenants realize the benefits of purchasing their space:

  • Building equity instead of paying rent

  • Enjoying significant tax advantages

  • Investing in institutional-grade real estate for appreciation over time

  • Hedging inflation and stabilizing long-term real estate costs

  • Controlling the office environment and tailoring facilities as needed to meet operational demands

  • Locking in a prime location

  • Facilitating long-range organizational plans including ownership succession strategy, sale of business and estate planning


 Investor Perspective

  • Portfolio diversification through Real Estate

  • A proven asset

  • Competitive cap rates

  • 90+ percent tenant retention rate

  • Signing long-term leases with annual rent increases

  • Professional property management which limits landlord responsibilities

  • Common area maintenance paid by owners association

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